All the natural gas and condensate that Chevron produces in Bangladesh is sold to Petrobangla, the national oil company. Through Chevron subsidiaries, the company operates three fields—Bibiyana, Jalalabad and Moulavi Bazar—under production-sharing contracts signed with the Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh, represented by the Ministry of Energy & Mineral Resources, and Bangladesh Oil, Gas & Mineral Corporation (Petrobangla). In 2015, net daily production averaged 720 million cubic feet of natural gas and 3,000 barrels of condensate. Condensate is liquid hydrocarbon produced with natural gas.

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Bibiyana Chevron operates the Bibiyana Field in Block 12. In late 2014, we announced the start of production at the Bibiyana Expansion Project. The project includes two gas processing trains, additional development wells and an enhanced liquids recovery facility and has a capacity of 300 million cubic feet of natural gas and 4,000 barrels of condensate per day. The liquid recovery facility started up in the first quarter of 2015.


Jalalabad Chevron operates the Jalalabad gas field in Block 13, which is currently the third highest gas producer in Bangladesh. Discovered in 1989, it went into production in 1999.

Moulavi Bazar

Moulavi Bazar Chevron produces natural gas from the Moulavi Bazar gas field in Block 14. It was discovered in 1999 and came on-line in 2005.

Muchai Compression Project

Muchai Compression Project In April 2012, Chevron launched the Muchai compression project, which supports additional production from the Bibiyana, Jalalabad and Moulavi Bazar natural gas fields.