Chevron strives to improve the quality and access to education for students in the areas where we operate. Our scholarship drive for high-achieving underprivileged students was launched in 2001, and the number of recipients has steadily increased, to more than 1,700 today. The scholarship program also includes a teacher training component. We also support programs to improve children’s learning experiences in school.

In 2015, in partnership with Save the Children, we announced a three-year extension of the Non-Formal Primary Education program in communities near our Bibiyana, Jalalabad and Moulavi Bazar fields. After completing a school-readiness section, 1,800 out-of-school children in 60 one-room schools completed the first grade. In addition, 1,200 primary school students have benefited from after-school activities and remedial education. The project is set to include training for 120 teachers and parenting awareness services for 1,800 parents.

Creating Educational Opportunities

One of the most endurable gifts of humankind is education. And Chevron makes a point of investing in education to make it accessible to those who deserve it the most. By supporting faculty recruitment and extending annual scholarships to more than 1,600 underprivileged children, it makes sure the future is secure for the children living near all three of its gas field locations. Nantu, Tuha and Zia narrate how Chevron has turned their lives around.